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Several threads speaking of gas dilution in the oil (links below)….

2018 Accord 1.5 gas in oil - the OP thought he may have had gas in his oil but never confirmed (posted) in that thread they did.

The next two threads are discussion regarding this topic but no posts w/members stating they had gas in their oil

!.5T Problems

Gas in oil

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Had a suppose fix for the 1.5 CRVs..But no fix for the 1.5 Accord .Which has the same engine in it..The fix for the CRV was questionable!
Oh, an it was Mostly China & Canada in the Deep Cold - where most of those Issues are ~ any How If Your in Cold Country , just
Throw some Speed Tape on that Inter~Cooler for the Winter .. I once Ran into a 5 ft snow Drift with an Amazon B18 Volvo doing about 50Mph Packed the Entire
Radiator and Engine Bay up to the Front of the Motor - V-Belt started Screaming .. , then the Temp Gauge went up , and Up ~
Got to have Heat in these Modern Motors , Old Volvo ran @ 175 degrees . . New Ones like 220 degree .. I Place a Tune on it so it's has Plenty of Heat
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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