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Hey guys, I’m new to the group and I’m new to Honda. My girlfriend just bought a new 2022 1.5T Honda Accord Sport with the CVT Trans, and I foolishly didn’t do much research on the 1.5t engines beforehand. With this ignorance I am now realizing I may have made a big mistake in not doing so due to the known oil dilution problems with this engine.

I seen that Honda is aware of the issue but have not and most likely will not put a recall on this to actually fix this, other than software data update that I’m not even sure is on this model and doubt that it even fixed the issue.

Basically want to know the best way to be able to avoid this issue from happening, asides from just changing the oil every 3,000 miles instead of following the service minder.

What’s the best maintenance I can do on this and how often? Any seasonal maintenance I should do with extreme changes of weather? Will any part replacements be beneficial to fixing this issue? Will any mods/tunes/upgrades help prolong the life of this engine while not damaging the CVT?

Any and all advice/opinions/tips give are highly appreciated and regarded as I’m inexperienced with Honda, and I’m not a mechanic (but I’ve done a fair share of using a socket wrench before).

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Everything I Found - some Countries had worst Issues then USA , It also seemed to be in Coldest Countries
Also More so on those that did Short Trips .. I don't have the Entire Story and Sure there are are Out Lair's on
Bell Curve of Manufacturing ./.

Have You smelled Gas in Oil or Has Oil all seem to be Fuller then when U ` Leveled it off after an Oil change like
week Later ?

If Super concerned - have You Oil ( Tested ) Black Stone ) TEST OIL

At any Sign of anything it must be Documented , If You are one of few Unlucky ones

One Person we know on here complained Believe it was Poor Injector ( Matching )
Another Simply Never got Motor Hot - from NEW always Drove around like Grandma doing
30 Mph in 45 zones etc.. ( Needs to be Driven Hard up through Mountains ) Break It Real Good to seat Everything
after 2K-3K easy Miles ..& Early Filter swap Out ..

I Good Spark Plug Reading would be ( Very Good Heads Up ) to what's Going on Right NOW with Your
Ride - Also Easy & Simple Way for U to see First Hand
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