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Old topic...touring inner trunk light mod...

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Searched all over...but I seem to remember a post about converting non touring trunk inner brake lights with only one (1) wire. Not harness..thanks for any help.
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Hi, thanks for reply, this isn't one I was looking for, however the post I saw was about a guy who got touring inner tail lights to work when installed on a non-touring Honda, using one wire? (I assume brake light power only) And no harness and all the other labor involved.
Time to search a bit more. Lol thanks again.
I did it with the harness it's super simple and only 100 for the harness
Hahaha I would be down but I'm in cali Los Angeles to be exact
Ok..ill buy the harness and inner touring lights. Wanna give me hand installing? Lol
I'm in FL. Where are you.?
Its very simple the most complicated part would be taking of your bumper and the lights u should add the reflector lights while ur at it since u already have the bumper off and they are only 60 dls on amazon...
I didnt think about It so i had to remove he bumper 2 times smh


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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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