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Whats up All,

Figured Id make a progression thread for my 2019 sport (1.5t). Ive had a few cars before including a '93 240sx, '91 535i, 2 Jeep GC's ('04 and '12) and a Commander, '07 G35 coupe, '07 335i, and a '96 Integra sedan to name a few of the more memorable for me. However, this is my first new car, and i have to say its been awesome. This is def not the quickest car Ive owned, but Im honestly loving it.

Tbh, it kind of reminds me of how the 335i felt (suspension wise). Im blown away by how far Honda's come. I also have a '14 accord sport and the jump between that and this is insane. And the icing on the cake was being able to get a 6mt factory fresh.

Starting out with just simple cosmetic mods, but will eventually end up with one of the tuners and some engine goodies I'm sure. Sorry for the low quality pics and the filthy car. At some point, I'll get some legit photos. Just pumped to share :)

Here it is when I first got it:

First thing I did was fog light overlay and tail light smoke (inners) and tint.



Not a fan of the "green" tint in the yellow overlays so I ended up switching to amber overlays (not satisfied still so back to the drawing board).

After that, I changed out my shift knob and and tried my hand at vinyl wrapping the chrome trim. The wrap came out horribly (because Im trash) but the knob worked out pretty well.

Next I added a duckbill spoiler and changed the turn signals to amber LED's


Most recently, I added the black grille and had the chrome trim professionally wrapped along with the exhaust finishers. Im not sold on the finishers yet but thinking I should just powder coat them if I do anything at all.



I think the next things on my list are emblems, lowering springs, FSB/RSB upgrade, and Ive got to get my spoiler situation resolved. I didnt account for the stock sport spoiler (despite every review and video warning me) and now am stuck with the stacked wings look. Also toying with doing the roof in black but I dont know yet.

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