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What would you do?

  • Let them paint car

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  • Have them replace car

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  • Get rid of car

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  • Leave car as is with partial refund

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Paint defects

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Don't get me wrong, I love my car. But I am disabled and could not inspect paint like I use to. The first in-depth inspection occurred when a good friend washed the car by hand. At that time I was able to find almost every panel had problems: they were dirt in paint, smears or smudges, dents, runs, and fisheyes. Honda wants to paint the car, I myself don't want a local-yocal doing a scuff and shoot on my brand new car that I paid big money for.
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If they are going to let you choose the shop that paints it I would say go for it. Do your due diligence and find a reputable shop (if you don't already know of one) that will provide a "perfect" job and let them work their magic. I've seen some outstanding jobs come out of paint shops of people that know what they are doing.
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I just don't want some young kid tearing my car apart either, leaving half the bolts out or loose.
Went through the same issues actually got another car after 3 weeks of arguing. And honestly this one has the same issues at this point I’m just like??
Mine first started with bird poop from the dealer that wouldn’t buff out to multiple scratches in my black paint. Like I said unbelievably they gave me another vehicle and yes this one is better but not really!!!
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