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If I'm not mistaken a Stage 1/2 flash does not "require" any other mods. However I have started putting together a "wish list" for future motor upgrades and these certainly would increase the performance of a stage 1/2 flash....

PRL High Volume Intake System

PRL Street Downpipe & Front Pipe Combo Upgrade

PRL Intercooler Upgrade

PRL Plug 'N Play Flex Fuel Kit

PTP Turbo Blanket

And if you really want to go full race (Type R) mode - Honda Civic Type R Turbo

If you aren't familiar w/some of these parts take a look into our How To And DIYs board in the threads posted by @tommypenguin.

If you were to add some/all these mods I would definitely suggest getting the car professionally tuned as the flashes provided by Hondata/KT will be for a stock (other than the tuner) car.
Can you put a type-R turbo in a Accord 1.5 sport with engine mods?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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