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Please advise me, I want to buy 2018 Honda accord used car in California

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Hello everyone - Hope this is in the right place
Thanks for creating this awesome forum and meeting the wonderful people here. I am looking to get a 2018 Honda accord vehicle and I am looking to the community to check if there is anything I should be looking out for while doing my inspection.

Things I will be looking out for are
coolant or oil leads
Weird noises coming from the engine
check the transmission for slips and jolt
verify all the electronics are working properly

They asking price is $17,450 and it has 53480 miles with a Salvage Title.

If you guys have any suggestions on what to check.
Looking forward to joining this family, thanks
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Why was it salvaged? Carfax report? From whom/where are you thinking of purchasing (warranty/guarantee)?
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Because of Lowe Miles & Just Being out of Warranty for Short Span of Time . .

Many Auto Industry Manufactures will Consider - Offering an Extended Warranty like 3-4 years 50K
A Few will Go 5-7 Yrs 75K~100K Depending If Your Buying it from Original Owner ?

If the Salvage hasn't Actually been Recorded Yet ? With State ?

I ask to Drive for 2 Days or Really Check it out .. I Use a Water Meter for Testing Firewood - Place it Down into Carpet DEEP ./.

Look Inside Deep into Trunk & ALSO ( Splash Shield ) under Fuel Tank on Driver side - easy to get too - Push Up on ( Tap Tap ) Hard

Check & See If there is MUD up in there . .

Transmmission Oil Needs to be Changed = Factory Cost $295~$315 Depending on Your Area .. with FILTER !
48K should have been Done , so Negotiate Price .. ?

Has Software been Up Dated - will Not be FREE NOW !
Unless U Find Great Honda Dealer ./.
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Well Info should be Looked into for Anyone Considering a Buy , didn't Note Date
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Why was it salvaged? Carfax report? From whom/where are you thinking of purchasing (warranty/guarantee)?
I'm going to get the Carfax and share it with you guys soon. I don't wanna have headache later on
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If you're not confident checking the car yourself, see if you know someone more experienced. Worse comes to worst, you can pay a dealership or repair shop to perform an inspection for you...
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Water Test Moisture % Content Meters are Fairly Cheap and be found in Many stores . I got through " Grainger " Supply Stores
Certainly Easy Enough to Pull Seats ./. ( I'll say this It take a Very Long Time to Dry Carpets ) do to all sound Deadening materials ..

I Tried Professional Vac 4 Water ( Does Not Work ) ./.

Pulled Seats as Floors are Not Flat and little Places for Water to Pool - ( Interestingly Enough ) in Rear on Most - Oval Plug for Draining ./.

Took about 7 Hrs. & 12 Towels on Hot Sunny Day .. ( Windy Day is also Good ) it's so Dry in Calif. probably get it done in 5hrs
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