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Please Help with Stock Flash Tuning (Hondata)

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Hey everyone.

I have a 2018 accord 2.0t ex-l. I currently have prl intercooler, front pipe, downpipe, and hondata stage 2 flash. I really want to get the new stage 3 phearable tube for a bit more power through ktuner. With that said, an authorized dealer flashed for me since they had the hondata flash tunes for 100$ rather then buying the whole device. I moved out of the state from that shop and don’t know how to go about this.

Can I flash over the tune for the stage 3? Can I return to stock with the ktuner and then flash the stage 3? Any advice is appreciated !
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Flash back to stock with your Hondata and purchase a KTuner directly from Phearble and get a discount on the Tune.

Edit: Just read you only bought the tune. I would ask KTuner what you can do.
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