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My thoughts are regarding the 2.0T 10AT....

I was supposed to get the down and front pipes installed today at Innovative Motorworks in Carisle, PA. If You are a 3 hour drive radius I suggest you go this place. Great shop, great service. Anyway, PRL made a mistake and shipped a Civic type-r front pipe instead of the one for the Accord.

My first thoughts are wow, just wow. The car just opens up in the mid band. Acceleration is very good. The car just feels better. Now, this coupled with a Borla Exhaust and it hasn't been tuned.

Regarding the front pipe, the correct one will be installed with the civic type-R Turbo kit (which arrived today), a PRL FMIC, and their new intake. :)

If anyone is wondering about getting the downpipe. Yes get it.
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