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2020 Accord Sport 2.0, 2003 Civic Si
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i have a 2019 honda accord sport with the AT10 and the 2.0 i am running the flex fuel and with stage 2 tune and yes i have all the PRL added parts the inner cooler and motor mounts catless downpipe PRL center and injen cold air intake with a racing map i can run up to E50 before i start having post detonation issues so i stay safe at 45%E blend to stay safe have had no trans issues and am at almost 35k miles fingers crossed it stays that way and my HP 415 torq 398
those hp number seem high for E50, AccordingtoJoel.com has the fastest 10th gen atm, with im pretty sure the highest HP numbers also. He is at like a E75% blend making 415 hp and like 410tq
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