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Anyone know or tried to apply this to a 2019 Sport w/ cvt trans? Only seen the kits selling for the 2.0T. Should've bought 2.0T... I know...
i have a 2019 honda accord sport with the AT10 and the 2.0 i am running the flex fuel and with stage 2 tune and yes i have all the PRL added parts the inner cooler and motor mounts catless downpipe PRL center and injen cold air intake with a racing map i can run up to E50 before i start having post detonation issues so i stay safe at 45%E blend to stay safe have had no trans issues and am at almost 35k miles fingers crossed it stays that way and my HP 415 torq 398
Wow... what a beast!!! Would love to see/read more about your car. No way I would trust that much TQ/HP on CVT though. 😬
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