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Hey everyone,

I'm very interested in getting a flash tune for my 2018 Honda Accord 2.0t Touring. As the title suggests, unfortunately I don't know too much about cars, so I was hoping to get some assistance! I think my number one concern, as many others have expressed, is the warranty (and extended warranty purchases) which I don't want to lose. So after following this thread:


It seems that the general consensus is that the warranty wont be void once you flash tune, since the dealership would have to prove that it was flashed in the first place, and if the flash tune even caused any damage.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, after looking around, there are so many different opinions about this that it's difficult to know what's the truth.

As for the flash tunes, here are a few questions:

1. What is generally regarded to be better? Hondata or KTuner? I hear of hondata more but what's the difference? Both hondata and Ktuner v2 have the same price point.
If Ktuner is suggested, is v2 a suggested upgrade over the v1.2?

2. Is calibration needed after doing a flash tune by a dealership or something? Or are you more or less good to go after flashing the vehicle yourself with the provided presets?

3. I hear about stage 3 for Hondata, but don't see that on the website. Is that available just on the device itself, if so, has anyone done it? Is it worth it over stage 2?

4. Is 91 octane good, or aim for 93 octane? If 93 is suggested, what happens if you go to a gas station that doesn't have it? Can you go back and forth between the 2 if needed?

5. Realistically, is the MPG supposed to get better with stage 2 or 3, or worse?

6. Will the reliability of the vehicle take a big hit after a few years with the tune?

Sorry for all t he questions, I just wanted to get my facts straight before getting into this, and would appreciate any feedback!

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