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Can't speak of the hybrid but on my Touring it's right behind the windshield washer fluid container. I looked online at Honda Parts Online and they are showing P/N 19101-6A-A00 for both my car and the hybrid tank reservoir. Since my car isn't the hybrid and I don't have hybrid power inverter tank... the hose from the tank on my car appears to be going back up to the radiator (there is a cover I didn't pull off to confirm)... see attachment.

On another note you mentioned you changed the oil only and not the filter (per manual) IMHO if you change the oil the filter should be changed also. The oil filter is inexpensive ($5.48 @ Honda Parts Online P/N 15400-PLM-A02) and not changing it you are leaving old/contaminated oil (added to the residual left in the oil pan/motor) in the car. To me not changing the filter every oil change is like taking a shower and putting the sweaty/dirty shorts back on you took off before getting in the shower. 😩 Again JMHO you do what you're comfortable with.


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