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Radio Rebooting

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Am I the only one experiencing this? My radio reboot 1 or 2 times per week. I have an hybrid touring.
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I have a 2.0T Touring, it reboots from time to time. I have owned the car since February, maybe experienced the reboot less than 10 times.
The only time I've seen the radio reboot is when I unplugged the battery to get the compass to work in the HUD.
I have 2.0t sport 10spd and it restarts a few times a month. The dealer has refreshed or updated the software with no success.
if you are having rebooting issues with your audio unit, and it happens regularly, try not having anything connected for the time being. No Bluetooth, no CarPlay, android auto. If it doesn’t reboot in the time it usually does then it’s a software issue between the audio unit and device. Honda tries to make sure that devices are compatible but sometimes Apple can be behind on updates and vice versa. I’ve seen bad cables cause connection and audio issues. Try that to rule that out. Most likely that’s what tech line will tell the technician who escalates the ticket to do. At least you will be one step ahead.
I have had issues with my 2018 Accord Hybrid Touring audio system since I got the car 5/ 31/2018!! I have posted on this site in the past. I have taken it into the local dealership several times for this issue alone. They look me in the eye and point the finger to the left/right/up/and down. They are currently blaming the manufacturer. Every time I take it in for service or another poblem I make them note it on the work order. I am now having issues with the locking mechanism, mostly on the drivers side. It will occasional not lock/unlock with the fob or when iI touch the handle to enter. Did you know that Honda will not supply a loaner when you brand new $35,000.00 car is in for work unless the work is safely related? Our Subaru dealer will, when I owned a Toyota and VW they did. Hmmmmm, trade in time?
Did you know that Honda will not supply a loaner when you brand new $35,000.00 car is in for work unless the work is safely related? Our Subaru dealer will, when I owned a Toyota and VW they did. Hmmmmm, trade in time?
Loaner vehicles are a complimentary dealer initiative not done by the manufacturer. Those dealer's that do provide them have a limited number of vehicles and they either are issued on a first come basis or they have to be reserved..... either way when they are all gone you can still be w/o a vehicle. With that said I have had warranty work done on a vehicle for what ever reason it wasn't able to be completed in a day and I was put in a rental... not sure if that was done by dealer or manufacturer though.

Now that I think about it I had an extended warranty on that vehicle and even though it was still under the manufacturer's warranty the rental may have been due to me having the extended warranty. :unsure:
Yes, I understand that it is complimentary. I, too, bought the extended warranty and the way things are going I believe that it was a wise purchase and will probably pay for itself over time.
Over the past 11 weeks of ownership the radio rebooted 2 times.

There seems to be a correlation between reboot and iOS update. The last reboot got after iOS update within the first 2 minutes of driving. After reboot it went back to playing the track I was listening to on Amazon music....

I have occasional reboots in my Mazda CX-5. I rented a Ford Fusion that rebooted and a 2020 Toyota Corolla that did too.
I do not buy the update correlation. My issues started early June 2018 with a brand new car and have rebooted over the time I have owned the vehicle. I have taken it into the dealer several times and their suggestion is to video the screen when it happens....yeah, right. If they can tell me when it is going to happen next I will pull over get my smart phone out and record it for them! I think cell towers may have something to do with it also. The reboot has happened in the local FM, Am modes, and the Bluetooth mode. It has happened around my town on I-5 in Seattle, and on a road trip in northern California. It will not occur over a longish ( 3-4 week) period and then 1-2 time in a 2 week span.
For those following this thread see - Software Update April 6’th 2020 a system update (Software Version: 18AA-2071-001) is available. According to the documentation regarding this update it is supposed to address the system reboots. 🙏
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