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HUD crackling noise

I don't have that rattle, but I do have a VERY annoying one coming from the heads up display area. So far, been to the dealer twice and they've not been able to fix it. The next step is to get a Honda engineer involved to try and correct. I've also found the passenger seat belt makes an annoying sound too at times, but I was able to get it to stop the other day. Other than the rattles/fit finish issues, I like the car otherwise. I'll love it if they can fix these issues.
I have, at times, had the same noise (like crackling) from the HUD. It comes and goes. I wonder if it is heat related. As the car cools down with AC running it tends to go away. I test drove one that made noise the entire test drive. I hope this is not a chronic defect. I would be curious if others have experienced the same noise and what has been done, if anything, to eliminate the noise.

I just bought the Touring 2.0t. It now has 300 miles on it. I hope the HUD noise doesn't get worse the longer I drive it.
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