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Rear Camber Kit Install?

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I am considering installing a rear camber kit for my 2020 Sport. I bought it used and it had some questionable negative rear camber (-2.8 degrees) so I plan on installing the TruHart kit to return it to OEM levels of camber for the sake of tire wear; I plan on getting quality tires in the future. I've heard the install is a pain but do yall have any tips? Or should I just take it somewhere? I'd say my experience with these kind of things is a solid 4/10...
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Makes sense, atm that’s nothing I wanna mess with. No it wasn’t lowered it’s 100% stock.
Yes that’s what I thought too, but the dealer told me the rear camber angle isn’t adjustable, only the front is. Idk if that’s true or not but the solutions they offered weren’t reasonable, i.e. a hammer. If it’s truly not adjustable from the factory I’d still consider a kit…
I'm right there with you, I have no clue why the camber is so bad. Toe is fine tho only the camber is bad. Bringing us back to where we started: I'm probably going to get this kit just to fix that issue.
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Get yourself one of these: 1/4 in, 3/8 in. Drive Long Reach Dual Flex Head Ratchet, and be prepared for bloody knuckles. Totally diy-able, but a pretty big PITA. Driver side has very little clearance so most of the frustration is getting the socket seated and staying seated while you're ratcheting millimeters at a time.
I appreciate your POV! I’m not really prepared for all this haha. I’m going to find a trustworthy shop and let them do the heavy lifting.
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