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Rear seat USB chargers

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I installed the rear seat USB chargers in the back of the front seat arm rest under the air vents. I bought the parts from College Hills Honda (OEM for about $90 and cheaper than the $120 Honda is asking), and downloaded the installation manual PDF from their site. It is not a job for the faint at heart. I've taken apart nearly every car I've owned to make stereo mods for example and have all of the panel puller tools and lots of fearless experience. I followed all of the directions except removing the steering wheel clam shell because I found a decent path to run and zip-tie the wiring harness provided. The charging ports are an option in the Canadian models of the Touring, so the US version did not have the 20 amp fuse installed in the "Option 1" slot of the fuse box, which threw me for a while. After about 10 minutes with the multimeter I discovered the plug was not powered and re-read the manual to find out where to install the fuse, which was also provided in the kit. Now I don't have to run the cable from the front to back anymore for folks to charge their phones.
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