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Mine weren't working from day one. Strange. Turns out they were in the "Off" setting. There is a video online that shows how to turn them "off" (for when you are towing a trailer) and "On" (which should be the 'default' setting) Here is a video that shows the Parking Sensor system and it shows how to turn the rear sensors on and off. Be aware. It doesn't just 'work' on first try. Perhaps it will for you. It took maybe 20 times before I got it to work. You press and Hold the Parking Sensor Switch then Start the car. Wait for the led on the switch to blink, release the switch and it will beep once for turning it 'off' then hit the switch to make this take effect. To turn it on do the same thing. (again it took me a bunch of tries before it worked) Make sure the car isn't running. Press and hold the switch. Start the car while still holding the switch. Wait for the LED on the switch to blink. Release and it should 'beep' (3 times for me) then hit the switch. That should turn the rear sensors back on. It does work but as I said, it took me several tries to get it to work. Ok, here's the video.

To see if yours is on or off. Put the car in reverse. The backup camera will appear on your screen. Press the Split Screen tab on that screen to see on overhead graphic of your car. You should see a graphic display of your sensors all around the car, front and back. The back ones on my car were not showing until I turned them on using the method in this video. After then it showed the graphic all around the car. Whew. Anyway, hope this helps if you have this issue.
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