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Eibach Sportlines. XXR 559 19x10s +20 offset. 245/35s. No rubbing. Wish the Sportlines were slightly stiffer but love the ride and the drop they give. Brembos are from the Genesis coupe. Rotors are 08 TL Type S. Make sure you get a 3mm spacer or some ARP washers on each stud behind the brake rotor to make sure the rotor sits in the rotor properly. Or you can go with the Nissan Rouge 3rd row to go without spacers.

Got about 29k miles on it. Had Hondata since about 5k miles. Lol. Love the power it has. Beaten every V6 Charger/Challenger, Ford Mustang, and even a Ford Taurus SHO(SHO are 5,000lbs compared to the Accord 3900lbs). Beat a 2015 Charger R/T. Waiting to run a Scat Pack to see how far I am behind. thought about doing the Type R turbo but that requires another $3500 in parts. I ain't trying to do all that and turn my daily into a project.

Next thing I'll be doing is rear camber kit, Tein struts, and possibly exhaust. That'll be about it. Car rides great. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. Sport 2.0 is perfect for a daily. Most I'd do is get a 2nd set of wheels. 19x9.5s for a less aggressive look for trips to the Dragon.
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Damn... car is looking awesome!!! Blue is my favorite color (have owned several blue vehicles) decided to switch up this time just to try something different (not disappointed in my choice). Can't beat a blue or a black car when they are freshly cleaned/detailed!!!
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