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Hi. I don't know what type of paint/sticker they use for the lock/unlock button on my car, but this started just a few months after buying the car in May 2019. I get the car cleaned maybe once a month and it chips off more and more.

Does anyone know a fix to this or a site where I can buy a cover for these buttons online?

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Not sure what paint is used on the buttons but it isn't the best for durability. It has been mentioned before on the 10 AT the gear selector buttons have the same issue with letter's rubbing off. Those buttons can be purchased and replaced (check some of the online OEM parts dealers). Some (as in the 10 AT gear select buttons) come as an assembly of all of them. When I first read about the gear selector issue I did find caps on Amazon...

LETAOSK 1 Set Gear Shift Panel Button Cover Trim Fit for Honda Accord 2018-2020 Red

A search may find similar caps for what you need. Good luck and let us know if you find caps in case others may have this issue.
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