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Regular vs Mid Grade vs High Test

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What do You Feed Your Honda :

I Feed My Sole High Test Fuel , Full 18 inch Plus Pizza , and Not Everyday ~ BS ~

Top Shelf Fuel - Taste Hhhmmm , so Good , but You have to Know the Owner ..


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It is the minimum octane recommended. But the fact is the engine pulls less timing and makes more power on 93 vs 87, even on the stock tune.
Everything I have ever read contradicts this. Where are you finding tests that show higher octane in a standard, non-tuned engine, increases output?

I know the opposite is true, in that an engine designed for premium will retard timing slightly to prevent knock when standard grades of fuel are used ... but not the other way around. I'm curious to see which tests you found to support your point.
Well documented, believe it was Hondata
I couldn’t find anything there that referred to a standard tune engine. Here's an interesting comment on Quora that basically mirrors everything else I've read.

There are several dyno threads that prove the case e.g.
That's interesting. Not sure why every other test I have read comes up with completely different conclusions. My own “seat of the pants” testing shows no improvement that I can feel, but not sure a 3-4% measured improvement could be felt.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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