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Reserve in Gas Tank

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I have Honda Accord 2020 Touring
How many gallons of Gas are supposed to be left in reserve once the light goes on?
I never seem to be able to pump more than 12 gallons. Honda says tank is 14.8 gals.
When I reset the millage after filling up the tank, the app shows me I have 410-415 mile to go before the next fill-up.
Honda says we should get 480 miles to a full tank.
What's your experience?
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416 miles is the highest Ive seen.
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I'm at 480-502 when I fill up. I know there's at least 1 gallon once you reach 0 miles till empty. My car is a 1.5t though.
I Suspect closer to 2 gallons , but I Never Run Her that Low , I seen the Tank Low Fuel light 3 Times in almost 4 years ..

445miles on Full Tank when Traveling 5 Trips to Florida in Last 65 Days
32.5 Mpg
Pumped Tires 34.6 ~ 35.5 Mpg

Hotter Temps 34.1 Mpg

Higher Speeds 34. Mpg also Removed Under Gasket , so when Parked engine doesn't get as Heat Soaked ..
Seems that does Effect Mpg also .

Being more Careful & Lowering Speed 77Mph got ~ 34.8Mpg ( Harder Tires by Pumping Up 36~37 Psi ) does Trick ./.
When my light comes on and I full up the cars takes about 11.5 Gals so doing the math reserve is can be anywhere between 2 to 3 gallons. When the MTE hits zero there should be about 2 gals five or take a 1/2 gal
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