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Roaring Noise from touring hybrid

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starting to hear a roaring noise from car. Its very random, only last for a short time and seems to only occur between 30 - plus 50 MPH. Dealer didn't find anything since it didn't make the noise on their test drive. Anyone have ideas or similar issue? Noise started at the 2000 mile point. 2018 Accord Hybrid Touring
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Hum from EX-L

Sparky - I have the exact issue with my 2018 EX-L. Sometimes it really resonates the cabin. The most repeatable is under light throttle at 52/53 MPH with gas engine running. Its variable but can happen while the car is holding pace, accelerating, or decelerating. No issues when running EV only. A couple weeks ago, I took it to the dealer for the camera issue and went for a ride with the shop foreman (he drove). He was much more aggressive with it than I am but managed to reproduce a marginal hum a couple times. He checked with Honda tech forum and see what he can find (nothing there), but was going to take another Hybrid for a ride to see if he could make another car do it. I have not heard back. Based on the comments here, it is not a one-off.
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