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Roaring Noise from touring hybrid

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starting to hear a roaring noise from car. Its very random, only last for a short time and seems to only occur between 30 - plus 50 MPH. Dealer didn't find anything since it didn't make the noise on their test drive. Anyone have ideas or similar issue? Noise started at the 2000 mile point. 2018 Accord Hybrid Touring
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I have not watched the info screen activity, but I can definitely say that I have the same roaring sound between 35 and 50 mph. Bought the car in September and I swear that I didn't hear this sound for the first month or so. I haven't pursued this yet with the dealer as I have been fighting with them over water leaking into the interior under the small back door window areas. At this point, they claim that they are not sure how to repair the water leak issue.
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