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Just finished a black roof, abc post, and trunk wrap on my platinum white 2020 Accord Touring. Was looking for something a little different so decided to terminated the black wrap along the bottom of the C-post. Also wrapped the lower section of the rear bumper and a chrome delete around the windows. Overall the transition works. It took some time to determine the cut line but followed the body lines until the transition looked natural.

For now the shark fin and spoiler are not wrapped. I like the contrast and played off the OEM spoiler black accent. Planning on wrapping the grill black and maybe adding black finishers. I like the look of the lower front bumper below the fog lamps wrapped black. May add that as time goes on.

This was very time consuming and took about 8 hours to complete. Started with a black roll of material, squeegee, knife, and lots of patience. I used knifless tape for the seams on the drip rail and c-post transition. The knifless made all the difference and kept me from cutting on the paint with a knife.

Ended up templating the shark fin and precutting the fin hole in the material before install. I can share the template if anyone is interested. It is about 1/16 smaller than the fin itself. This keeps the roof wrap seamless and no need to remove the fin beforehand.

Full disclosure I work in the wrap industry and have intermediate install skills. Hats off to the pros as it takes a special talent to make the wrap look OEM and minimize seams.



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