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rusted screws in lower engine cover

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Last week I went to change my oil and went to take off the lower engine cover as I've done successfully the last 4 oil changes. only this time, the 2 phillips head screws in the back near the jacking point seem to have rusted and i stripped them trying my hardest to remove them with the same screwdriver ive used every time. now i've been informed that apparently i need to use a JIS driver and not a phillips head driver, but the weird thing is the owners manual specifically says phillips head screw. i had no issue using phillips head driver before, but with a little rust it seems to not work well. Also, i cannot seem to find the part name for these screws anywhere. i can only find the flathead clips that twist into place. it seems that honda wants to keep these screws a mystery.

has anyone experienced these screws rusting and have you been able to remove them? what tool/method did you use? what is the part name so i can buy new screws to replace these once i remove them?

for the record, i was able to still drain the oil easily as my wrench could reach the bolt and the oil suprisingly fell straight down, only a little bit splashed onto the top of the cover, which i was able to wipe down. so in the future ill probably just leave the cover on and wont need to remove for a while, but its pissin me off thinking about having those rusted stripped screws in there and want to try removing them next oil change.
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@tommypenguin mentioned in his thread (2018+ Accord Oil Change DIY) that he stripped those screws too however he didn't mention/provide a PN of them.
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