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A few things I've noticed. I'm a big music junkie so I don't listen to the radio at all.
All my music is in my iPod. An issue I see and I can't believe the designers didn't notice this is the redundancy in the music interface/screen and the buttons around the screen. They've implemented THREE different ways to do the exact same thing. To change the song you can do it by pressing the button with the double arrows << >> that's to the left of screen. You can also tap on the touch screen which has the word "Track" along with the arrows as well and lastly the round knob to the right of the screen which is titled "'Tune/Scroll" these 3 things do the EXACT same thing. Could have used those buttons for other things.

Yet they completely oversaw something that happens all the time. You're playing a song during your morning commute from your playlist "Morning Road Rage" :smile_big::smile_big: but you want to change the song to a specific song. There's no button to take you back to the actual list of songs. Instead you have to do the following.
Browse > Playlist > Morning Road Rage to look at the list of songs allover again.
There should be a button that takes you directly back to the playlist you're on and list the songs.
Also FYI nobody and I mean NOBODY ever uses the "repeat the song" touch screen option. Everyone just touches the screen back track option << Track, pushes the button or turns the knob since you put THREE ways of doing this. You could have used that space for the back to your playlist option. Like a button/option that said "Tracks or List" or the button that you have that says "Back" could have been used for that.

The clock interface. I want to know who was in the design room when they looked at the screen and saw the interface of the clock and saw the big round analog clock with the time and then to the top right corner the time again in digital? Or both in digital? (Since that's an option) and said "Yeah that looks good"
When you add your personal pictures to the clock face in my case a family picture the analog clock and the digital clock BOTH cover part of my families faces. Why not remove the time from the middle of the screen since it's already in the top right corner???
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