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Scuff Mark on Side Mirror (2019 Accord Sport)

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So I accidently scuffed my side view mirror by hitting a garbage bin. I quickly went to YouTube and saw that acetone removed scuff. While it did remove most of it, I'm guessing I got some acetone on the plastic housing set/base, which looks to be plastic. Now I'm left with some swirl/haze of sorts and wonder if this can be fixed with some type of product? Other option would be to buy a new housing set, but not sure if this is an easy replacement.
Advice and opinions are greatly appreciated.


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If what I think you are showing with the streaking is the plastic bottom part try wiping it with some Armor-All and see what happens.
Yes, it is the plastic bottom part. Would it by any chance make it worse if I used Armor All?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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