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Self-powered sub!

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Having this Rockford Fosgate sealed 12-inch self-powered (300W RMS) sub installed in my 2019 2.0T Sport tomorrow. And maybe a pic of the installation. Review to come.

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Very, very satisfied with the sound! As others have noted, while Honda has used relatively low cost speakers in our ride (I'm in a 2019 Accord Sport 2.0T 6-MT), the basic electronics are decent, and the components are well matched. I find the system overly bright, but that's fixable with the treble control. What I couldn't fix so easily was the massive hole in the low-end. It's like Honda wasn't even trying--they just gave up on low-end response. At under $300 this sub was a good buy, and complemented the factory sound system extremely well. I'm still experimenting with where to position the sub in my trunk. Up against the back seat, with the (speaker) driver facing the bumper was the most logical in terms of preserving trunk space. But some of the "Internet wisdom" suggested (and my ears seem to confirm, although the differences are small) that best results for a sub are achieved when the (speaker) driver is perpendicular to the listener. In other words, facing left or right, not forward, backwards, up or down. So at present I have it on the left side of the trunk, with the speaker driver facing driver's left, about 6 inches from the left side of the trunk (lots of "lefts" and "drivers," in this description, I know!). I think most folks would be happy with the sub in either orientation--the sonic differences aren't massive.

Pics soon.

Edit: pics here. Definitely positioning the sub for sound not for preserving trunk space. But the trunk is massive, so no big deal. Plenty of space to tuck it up against the backseat, which is where most folks will put it.Subpics

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