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Serious 10speed issues!

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Hi guys Manny here. I created my account specifically to chat about this horrible 10 speed. Here’s my story…

I purchased my Accord brand new from the dealer in 2019. Being in my late twenties purchasing my first brand new vehicle after owning used vehicles all my life, I was very excited especially since it was going to be my first Honda.

I watched video after video on YouTube about these new accords and read a lot of reviews.

After hours at the dealer, and reading peoples opinions about CVT transmission, I decided to spend the extra money and go with the 10 speed 2.0…. a decision I regret 3 years later.

I started noticing after a couple months that if I was even on the slightest incline or decline, and I can’t stress slightest enough, when I would move from park to reverse or drive, I would get a hard jolt and a really audible bang from the transmission. I finally took it in and fought with my service advisors for weeks while the vehicle sat with them.

They originally said that because I replaced my shocks, I must have dropped the axle in the front which could have caused damage to my transmission 😳. I fought back hard and told him that changing the struts does not require anything to do with the axle. Then… my service advisor said that I needed to pay for a transmission flush and that might solve it… key word is might. I told them I wasn’t paying for anything and there’s no way it needed a flush at the low miles it had.

finally… in Jan 2021 they agreed to replace my transmission.

Weeks later when I received my car back, guess what… the issue was still there.

Now I noticed another problem, rough horrible shifting in low gears both up shifting and down shifting.

someone described it perfectly on the forums, like someone who’s learning to drive manual for the first time and releasing the clutch way too soon.

This is felt especially in city driving and in traffic and in all modes including eco, regular, and sport mode.

Let’s say you’re in second gear in traffic, you let off the gas to come to a stop but then traffic picks up again so you push the gas. When you push the gas in second as the RPMs were dropping, you get a horrible jerking and stuttering and you can physically see the RPMs do this as you push the gas. If you do this on a hill, it’s double as bad!

Also, when the trans downshifts as you come to a full stop, the RPMS jump up with every down shift and you can physically feels these downshifts and it’s painful and cringy to feel especially with passengers. The very last downshift as you come to a full stop from 2nd to 1st literally feels like a light rear end accident.

Soo… after a whole year and 12,000 miles later hoping this would resolve since it’s a new trans.. the issue is still there.

So I take it back to my service dept and the service advisor is at a loss for words and says he believes it’s normal. I get his manager involved and they both go on a ride along with me and I show them exactly the issues which they felt. They then say there’s nothing more for them to do. I told them that it’s funny how they replaced my trans the first time so they obviously thought it was bad enough to do that, and now they don’t want to do anything about it.

I called Honda Corp a couple weeks ago and a specialist called me back. He stated I needed to take the vehicle back and pay my $100 diagnostic fee for them to check it out.

I explained that it’s useless because they already said they don’t want to do anything about it because they already gave me a new trans and they don’t know what else to do other than to say it’s normal operation.

So here I am guys stuck with this jerky 10 speed that’s horrible in low gears up and down.

I tried pressing the gas with the ignition in the on position as this is known to reset the trans and engine however this does not help me issue.

Does anyone else out there have any ideas for me? Reading more into it, is this something I should go to a new dealership way miles and miles away to see if there’s something they can reset to see if that corrects it?
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honestly i think its just a quirk of the transmission. i think as long as its driving fine, you're probably ok. i too experience that jolting when youre coasting but go to speed up. you just have to learn when to push the gas at the right time. let it shift before accelerating, and you can avoid those jolts. the engine is very torquey at low RPMs. people tune their 2.0T to crazy power levels without even touching the transmission and they dont seem to have issues so i think its durable enough. its annoying though i get it.
Well I’m here now at the service dept for the 3rd time after already having this transmission replaced. I read somewhere that resetting the adaptive transmission values could work. We will see
really? ive been thinking that it really seems like it could be a software thing, but dont know how the software changes over time. it really seems like if the transmission would just chill out and not try to immediately downshift upon taking foot off gas, it would smooth it out
yea i think people are offput by the clunkiness of the transmission, but its just pieces of metal moving around, its gonna make clunks and noises. the jerkiness is annoying but with the engine tuned for max torque in low rpms, its kind of a given which i guess you wouldnt expect a mass consumer car to have since 95% of the target audience will be cruising around at low speeds. its worth it though for the performance and fuel economy. you should not try to replace the transmission unless its the last resort, because it seems like anyone that got their transmission replaced started experiencing even more severe issues versus just being jolted at low speeds. only when transmission starts slipping, and you cant put power down, then you have a real problem.
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