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Serious problems with safety systems (CMBS, etc.)

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I have a 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring. I have numerous incidents where the Collision Mitigation Braking System has gone out giving an amber dash warning to see the dealer. When this happens, the cruise control will also not function. Most times, upon shutting off the car and restarting, everything returns to normal. However, one time upon restart all other safety systems (even the turn signals and head-up display) went out. Only the Nav would work. Upon the next restart, all was back to normal. The dealer spent 6 hours in diagnosis and came up with a solution of adjusting a brake switch under the dash near the brake pedal. It did not solve the problem as it has recurred so now they are ordering a new brake switch. Has anyone experienced similar problems? I love the car but cannot continue to use it on highway trips if these safety systems are not reliable. That is the main reason I bought a new car.

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I had this issue consistently come up…just changed the battery and boom it didnt come back. If it is happening and then going away it isn’t the battery save your money. But if it is continuously occuring just swap out the battery, I’ve had to seap it out every year since Honda can’t give us a solid fix.
Hey Jose,
You're referring to the car battery right?
Replacing the car battery fixed the issue for you?
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