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Service time. Do I flash back to stock?

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Has anyone not flashed back to stock before service, oil change specifically?

If so any fallout from it.
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It is my understanding from checking w/several reliable sources that if your car has an aftermarket tuner installed whether it's returned to stock tune, or flashed w/one of the upgraded tunes it can be detected. If the tech connects the OEM computer to your car for diagnostic reasons, software updates, etc. there will be "bread crumbs" indicating the car has the tuner installed. With the sophistication/technology in vehicles these days it's not hard to determine if something has been changed from stock IE: fuel/air ratio's, rev limits, turbo boost, etc., etc. all of the changes that most stage tunes will do. All of that data will remain in the "black box" of the car and can be retrieved.
Well yeah, all of that is totally possible. I was just stating my experience and what I did. Anybody tuning their cars typically assumes that it could theoretically be traceable. I was just saying I didn’t really go through the hassle of reflashing each time.
My statement was informational and not in response to your post as I didn't quote yours. As you stated many know that tuning their cars makes it traceable, however there are many that don't know or are misinformed that there is no risk as long as they return the car to "stock" when returning to dealership.
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