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Shooting my Accord

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Hi All,

My last post showed what an RAM 3500 could do to the rear end of your Accord. After 2 months and a few back and forth's with the body shop, I finally have my car back and decided to try my hand at some automotive photography.

2018 Accord Touring 2.0T in Lunar Silver Metalic. Opted for the black front grille and added the rear diffuser trim in black to match. Interior I added the door sill lining protectors, illuminated door sill trim and the interior door panels.

Next up will be a Hondata tune but I'm still collecting bottles and begging for change to pay for that :)




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Great pictures looks very professional
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Glad to see that the car is back to form and those are some great looking shots. What stage are you thinking for the Hondata? You planning on doing any other upgrades to compensate for the additional hp/torque?
Are you just going to stop at the tune or also do some air and fuel mods to complement it? Would be a great time for a higher-performing aftermarket intake and even an axle-back exhaust.
Car looks good as new. Love the black grille, as I feel like the chrome is a little much. And Ktuners reflash/app seems to fairly comparable to Hondata's system, though its priced fairly similarly.
the black grille sure matches this color the best.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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