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Wow - replaces a 2016 Civic Touring under USA/CA lemon law. And due to all the new safety features (available comprehensively on the Touring only), my auto insurance premium is less than the Civic even though the Accord’s MSRP is ~$US 6k more. The HUD is so nice as it displays speed, speed limit and turn-by-turn. And the sub woofer does not rattle like the Civic. Too bad the HFS has no incentives for the 2018 Accord.
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Welcome to the forum man, congrats on the new Accord. What exactly happened to your Civic that you were able to claim it under lemon law? Always nice when an upgrade also comes with a reduction in insurance rates.
Welcome aboard- I'm new too (Red Touring 2.0T)
Congrats on the new Accord and hopefully this one is less citrus-y than your last vehicle! Speaking of insurance, how much are you paying for the Accord and which company are you with? I'm thinking of switching.
Nice move up from the Civic.
How different does the Accord drive from the Civic?
Hopefully you had a chance to take the Accord through its paces as well as the Civic when you had it.
My roommate has a Civic Touring as well, though I've only driven it for a short amount of time. Felt a bit lethargic to me. What do you think after making the switch?
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