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Small Cans and cup holders? Any inserts?

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I cam over from VWs the last 15 years and Loving the accord with a couple exceptions. One being the cup holders!

the germans make great cup holders lol.

In all seriousness can anyone recommend a small holder insert? I drink coffees and red bull frequently and they spill as the holder is way too big.

Thanks in advance
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Try google searching something like red bull can adapter cup holder...
Alternatively, you could also take some measurements (or the can) and go to a hardware store and look for some PVC (or whatever material) pipe with your desired inner/outer diameters..
OR, you could go low cost/tech and make a good enough adapter with some cardboard and duct tape...
Something along the lines of the WeatherTech Cupfone would be great if you could get those cups only. One other thing that comes to mind along those lines are measuring cups that come stackable (fit inside one another) only thing w/those is most will have a handle.
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