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Spark Plug/ A/T Fluid change DIY?

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Anybody have the specific OEM NGK spark plug numbers for 2018 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0T?

Also do anybody know if there is a DIY write up/ video on 10 Speed A/T Fluid change?
Thanks! My accord is at 32,000 miles and it's time to do both.
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Is this by choice or is your Maintenance Minder Sub Item showing 3&4?
By choice. I usually replace my car’s plugs by 30k. My Supersport plugs by 7k miles. I’m sure they can last longer but it doesn’t cost much for the plugs. Probably under $100 which is nothing.
Where did you get this info? I’m still trying to look for the plugs but couldn’t find an autozone or advance auto parts that sell it. This stun me because usually I can find spark plugs information really quick on NGK website
Ok, gotcha.

The spark plug info came from owners manual pg 698 (see attachment)
Thank you!
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