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Have just under one month of ownership and 2000 miles driven on my 2019 HAH EX-L.

great car and enjoy driving if, and excellent MPG.

first week I got a CMBS warning, said to take it to dealer. That happened at about 350 miles. Warning also shows up in the HondaStink app.

Since then no warning, though I usually turn it off.

Took it to dealer they said there was log of an error showing up. Sigh... Strangely enough the warning disappeared from the HondaStink app.

I’m the meantime, the few times I forgot to turn off CMBS it would warn me to Brake as expected

well 1700 miles later driving home tonite. All is well. No warning. I get home, open my HondaStink app and guess what. The app is showing the car threw a CMBS error (I had CMBS off).

anyone experiencing anything similar?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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