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Please help :why i am getting squeaking noise from belt/pulley area on a new car?

1)from past few weeks, i have noticed(usually at night ,since it is more quiet environment) squeaking noise coming from under the hood
2) today(at night) i opened the hood and found out that noise is coming from the pulley/belt area which is next to the engine
3) i have attached the voice recording.
4) my car is 2020 accord ex with 3880 miles i bought car from dealer brand new in april2021(and i am the first owner) my daily driving is like 5 miles to work and back.i have really kept the car more like my kid.never been abused or any stupid thing done to it.car is still under factory warranty.I have never done anything under the hood or anything in the engine bay.
5) my air conditioner was off when i recorded the noise.
6) weather in my area is pretty nice. days are around 74F to 78 F . today when i recorded the noise and usually at night temperature is around 65F. humidity remains 30-40%. no rain.

Do i have to go to the same dealer where i got(dealer is 50 miles away) the car.or i can go to a dealer which is 10 miles away from my home.how does warranty service work? do i call them and explain the, problem and tell them car is under warranty?

i am trying to gather information here so that i dont want to get fooled by the dealer service centre.
this is my first car of my life .i have never dealt with a car dealer/service department.

Link to squeaking noise : https://soundcloud.com/brad-blake-643885364%2Fnew-recording-2
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