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Stage 3 Dyno and Tune

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Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been busy lately since the last week. I decided to bring in my ride into DB Performance here at Rodger, MN for the FlashPro stage 3 calibration upload and dyno pulls (before and after).

Here are my results:

Stock Dyno Pull

Stage 3 +9 PSI

Stock vs Stage 3 Tuned

At first we had issues with tuning the car because of VSA/ABS because ABS still kicks in when it senses the rear wheels aren't spinning or spinning fast enough and caps the max MPH to 30. We had to mess with the fuse box to disable the VSA/ABS sensors but it was a PITA to figure out. After re-seating a fuse block(i think that is what is called) it disabled all of the brake system/VSA/ABS sensors so we could go over 30 mph. That took the most time to figure out.

So far I believe it is worth it. I haven't really pushed it yet because it is snowing like crazy right now up here.

Thanks for Shane @ DB Performance.
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Thanks for posting up the dyno charts of your tune! I don't think this would ever be something I do simply because of the other changes you have to make to accommodate the tune, but all the power to those who want to squeeze a bit more out of their Accords. Huge difference compared to the stock tune and you get more power/torque at low RPMs.

Since you have to disable the brake system/VSA/ABS sensors, does that mean those systems no longer work?
We just re-seated the fuses and that reset most of the sensors to off during the pulls. I was a little worried but once I got off the parking lot, all the brake system and VSA/ABS kicked back on with no issues.

Me and the tuner did some research and found out that the 2017 Civic had to do something similar with the VSA/ABS system and fuses to get it working on the dyno accurately.
Wow those gains are pretty incredible, thanks for sharing the dyno results. I think you might be one of the first members on here to have their Accord all tuned. You'll have to let us know how differently it drives, once the weather improves. How much did the tune cost you, everything installed and configured?
Cost was $325 for the Hondata License and upload of the calibration. Additional $100 for before and after dyno pulls. With tax it comes close to $440 OTD.

It was really worth it for me. I sold my 06-11 Civic Si FlashPro for $530 and use that to cover this expense and still have some left over.

I was also able to make some quick pulls today from 0-100 and 20-100. And the difference is night and day. It just keeps pulling, pulling, and pulling faster never stops. It is so quick that it meets beyond my expectation as daily driver.
Wow that's certainly an affordable aftermarket upgrade. I'm pretty sure from what I've seen about the Hondata tune for the Accord is that it even surpasses the torque offering in the Civic Type R. Looks like Honda has made quite the little sleeper in their new model. Have you done anything else to the Accord besides the new tune?
Just the Stage 3. Completely stock. I haven't even gone through custom fine tuning where the tuner can actually try to squeeze a little more out of it. But they told me that would be additional $300 for the custom tune. It completely surpasses the CTR stock torque numbers.

So far still having a blast with it. It so fun :grin:.
I think for what you've already gained through the Stage 3 tune, that further enhancements should be made with aftermarket parts. Not sure how hard you'll want to risk pushing performance, without making any upgrades to the stock components. Never thought we'd see the CTR being outperformed in any aspect by the new Accord.
Yes, according to Hondata. Stage 3 is already maxing the turbo at its limit. If I ever need to upgrade more. It would be a bigger turbo and a downpipe. But for now, this power is plenty for me. Let see how desperate I can get over time :devil:.
Lol. Well I think down the line all you'd really need to consider changing is the exhaust and intake. Did they mention possibly putting in better quality spark plugs or anything? I've seen some tunes require this before in an effort to protect the engine.
Not that I know of. I am basing off of what Hondata stated to be the limit without being too hard on the engine and still be reliable. I could have done a custom tuning but that additional cost so the tuner can actually take a look into what needs to be checked out.
Although a bit extreme of a move for someone to make with the accord, I would be curious to hear what some aftermarket headers would do, even with performance.
Yes it's a bit extreme just purchasing a vehicle and a month down just throwing on a tune. But Hondas are reliable engines. With a Hondata base tune, It shouldn't be a problem. I have zero worries and pretty confident for a conservative tune. I probably won't go for any aftermarket performance parts down the line. I'll more than likely spend another $350 to fine tune the car to make sure it isn't knocking or running to lean. But I am for sure with a downpipe this thing will make easily 15-20whp more with a tune.
Are you planning on upgrading to an aftermarket clutch? You may find that the additional power from the tune may wear through the factory set up much more quickly than normal. Guess you'll only be able to determine that after putting some mileage on the car.
Stock clutch seems to be fine for now. I wouldn't worry too much about it. We will see how long it lasts with a stage 3.
How often do you turn on scramble?
I rarely use it. I only use it if I want to test it. Doesn't "feel" anymore different than without it.
When you push the scramble button and go WOT you should definitely feel a difference. A rolling 3rd or even 4th gear pull should spin the tires.

The stage 3 is plus 3 psi and plus 9 with scramble.

I started on stage 3 also.

Stage 2 is what I run. Plus 6 psi all the time. No power surge under low acceleration.

Your basically running stage 1 without the scramble on.

With stage 2 you can stock on eco mode and plus 6 when on normal mode.

I have a flash pro so I can switch around and the difference is night and day.
Definitely don't feel any different for me. Drove 30+ miles today and tested WOT comparing with on and off. Maybe a little more sound. Plus trying to not use scrambler a lot since Hondata stated not to use it a lot. Maybe I'll use it when I am racing someone but that is like once in a blue moon.
Kind of confused....When y’all say +6psi and +9psi what total PSI is the turbo pushing?
Stage 2 gives about +6 psi and Stage 3 is no different than Stage 2 but about hair difference. With Stage 3 and the new feature from Hondata "Scramble Mode" you can bring the psi to +9 psi. But not recommended to run on +9 psi for long time.
So it sounds like you got their off the shelf tune. Any idea what your AFRs look like? Curious to see how aggressive the tune is from Hondata. Considering Honda is claiming that the stock peak boost is around 20psi...I'd be a little scared to run 29psi on a small turbo like this. I'm also assuming you have to run at least 91 octane?
my AFRs are running around 14.5-14.8 around idle. As for boost, the stock TD03 can only handle the max 29 psi. Even pushing to 29 is really killing the turbos life hence why Hondata doesn't recommend running scramble mode (+9 psi) on too much. I also only run 93 octane :).
I have the stage 2 +6 tune. I'm afraid of early clutch slippage going +9. How's yours holding out?

Honda under-exaggerates their factory numbers. I don't have a screenie of my benchmarks but my converted figures were 276hp/292ft base, 301/348 stage 2, graph seems a lot more rough I wonder if that's due to Dynojet?

But yes... car just pulls and pulls and pulls and pulls and doesn't freaking want to stop on the highway and just pulls and pulls... almost a bit scary for a daily

The early torque gains are so stupid its insane. Turbo spools so fast at 2k rpm even in 6th gear it's like a rocket ship
Clutch is fine. I have been really pushing it a lot. I am surprised it can handle the stage 3 torque numbers. I even run time to time with scrambler mode on. Dynojets tends to read a lot higher than other Dynos. I have personally never used one but used Dyno Dynamics and Mustang dynos which read much lower. My brother drives a stock Audi B7 S4 and he drove my car stating it is much faster than what I dyno'd with 265whp/344wtq. And your right, even HondaPro Jason stated that this thing just keeps pulling and pulling. https://www.facebook.com/hondaprojason/videos/1567519076636846/
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