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Hello! New member here, I purchased a 2018 Accord Touring back in June with 64,000 miles or so. I absolutely love this car! I noticed yesterday afternoon that while leaving work the vehicle is struggling to start, it takes a couple of extra seconds to start and the lights on the dash come on but flicker until it starts. I have the memory seat function, it will not adjust the seat like it typically would like it's not recognizing Driver 1 key. I also have HondaLink and I cant start it from the phone now, it goes through the motions of sending commands, connecting, then says, "vehicle is not in park."

Now if I start it and drive it for a couple of miles or let it run for 10 minutes I can turn it off and it will come right on but the seat issue is still there.

I don't have any problems like rattling or vibrations when sitting still that I've noticed, I live in Arkansas and the roads are rough as **** here so I cant diagnose the rattling.

I'm looking for suggestions as to what it may be before I go to the dealership I bought it from or the Honda Dealership.

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