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State Reffed in my Accord

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Update 3/25/2021: Court sent me a paper to get my tint signed off. Got it signed by local PD went to the court house dropped $25 for each violation total of $75 and dismissed. The original fine for the ticket was $650.

Update 3/24/2021:
Passed and $116.25 paid to the ref for P.O.C
So today was the big day. The referee called me this morning and told me if I was coming in and confirming it so he then told me that everyone except me cancelled there appointment today. He said I could go in right now and he would be able to administer my test so I was like **** yeah I’ll be there right now. I got there 11ish and he was a really cool dude off the bat. I gave him my citation, gave him my information and after that he popped my hood, started the car and looked in the engine bay for 5 minutes looked under the car to see my exhaust system. After that he said everything looks good and went back to his station grabbed like a OBDII scanner and plugged it in the port. At this point I was nervous asf. He kept the car running and switched to the exhaust test just because it was downloading info from my car to make sure my vin and cvn match up with what their data base has. He put the db reader 8 inches high 20 inches back at a 45 degree angle and was like get your wallet ready it’s going to pass it’s stock lol. Stock exhaust was at 74 db. After that the OBDII was ready to be reviewed. After 30 minutes of the ecu being checked in the data base he came back and said my car passed with flying colours. I was so relieved when he said that. We shot the **** for a little bit after my test was done and he told me about his days of the car scene which was cool to hear about how things were different. He gave me paper work and certificate of compliance. He also slapped a big sticker on the back of my citation for my exhaust. He said if a cop pulls me over and says my vehicle is not in compliance say no, no, no and hand over the proof that it is lol. Exhaust and emission was signed off. Tint is still in the process since the officer marked it as non correctable waiting for the court to mail me something so I can have a officer sign off on it. Hope my information helps others through this process. State ref I went to was in Mt. San Jacinto. I’ll give one more update once I’m done with the court. I asked him if my borla exhaust was legal and he told me as long as it is under 95 db, has a muffler then your legal and if I wanted to slap my catback back on he would do the db test again (free without proof or $108 with proof that it is legal.) You can show the cop the paper work and they can’t say anything about it no more.

Update 3/18/2021:
Referee inspections are changing and also how scheduling is done during the pandemic, first i called the number on the back of my ticket and they told me that they are doing phone interviews before actually scheduling a in person inspection. They gave me a date and time of my phone call interview. The call came in 2 weeks later and went over my citation, registration and my vin#. They are performing a Visual inspection, Functional inspection of the engine, Functional inspection of the ecu to check if it’s been flashed/tampered with (which worries me a bit) and good old tail pipe emission test. The referee will also perform a decibel test for my proof of correction. My in person test will be done on 3/24/2021 starting at 12:00 pm and ending at 2:30 pm. I will post an update after the results are in.

Date of getting state reffed 02/14/2021:
So guys I was cruising back home from a buddies house around 1:30 am over by Perris Blvd here in Cali with my girl and as I was getting closer to a light there was a sheriff waiting for the light to turn green for him to turn right, Keep in mind I wanted to go home and I’m that person if the light turns yellow and I have time to make it I will go for it and I ran it and made in time doing the speed limit before it turned red. After that the cop and me are now going the same direction I notice the cop going slower then the speed limit on the lane next to me so it put me in front. We got to another light and a random car ends up in front of me and the cop now goes behind me and when the light turns green he stays behind me for like 30 seconds then gets back over to the lane he was in and gets right next to me probably to scope out who’s inside the car and then gets back behind me. When we get to the next light and again the light turns green he finally decides it’s time to turn on his light after harassing me. I pull into a parking lot shut the car off and wait for him to approach my window. Once he gets to my window he already is sketchy as ****, he ask if I have interior lights to turn them on and then ask my girl to get off her phone in a very rude tone and she wasn’t even in any call or nothing just scrolling on her phone through FB so that already annoyed me. I go ahead and ask him what was the reason for pulling me over, he immediately gets attitude with me and says “your exhaust....your exhaust is loud...you know about your exhaust right? And your car is too low” I was like “yeah I installed it myself...so you pull people over because you have nothing better to do and you’re bored.” Keep in mind I had just picked up my car from the collision place with the stock rims and height of a stock accord because I swapped them out during that time, I’m on air suspension too. At that moment I already knew he was going to give me a ticket. He ask for my license, registration, and insurance. My girl gets it out of the glove box for me and I keep it in a little folder that opens up and you have the insurance on the left and registration on the right side very easily visible to read anyways he wouldn’t accept it like that so clearly he was being petty so I went ahead and took it out of the folder. He comes back shortly and asked if I have anything else modified on the car. I told him about just the intake and exhaust that was it. He started to say a penal code and basically was a vehicle inspection under the hood. I pop the hood and open it. He starts to take pictures and then asked me to go have a seat in my car. He comes back 5 minutes later with a ticket hands it to me and says I’m issuing a state ref on this vehicle so you can’t drive it anywhere on public road or freeways/highways unless it’s only to your home, mechanic shop to put the vehicle back to stock, or state referee for inspection. He wrote me up for these violations and checked the No box for if the violations were correctable when these are all correctable violations. I spoke with another officer that was really chill the next day and told me to get the car back to stock go to CHP get the violations signed off for correctable, go to state ref and go to court and tell the judge that all my violations were signed off and in compliance and should cost me $25 for each violation that written on my ticket instead of the full fine of each one.
27150 (a) cvc exhaust
27156 (b) cvc engine
26708 (a)(1) cvc tint
I just wanted to let the fellow Accords out there with catbacks and upgraded DP/FP in Cali that cops are trying to pop people with any of these kind of mods just beware of your surroundings. My mod list is on my profile if anyone is wondering. I have to return everything back to stock.
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I’m aware of the Laws here in Cali about performance mods that need to be CARB legal and have proof so they don’t pop me for it. Every drive train related mod I have on is getting put back to stock and only the front driver and passenger side window tints are getting removed. He just caught me on a bad night I guess. Just have to pay to play sometimes. I won’t be putting all my parts back until I get the new turbo, that way my car can lay low for awhile and not cause too much attention. This is my 2nd ticket this year and we are only in February. 🙃
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Those are some very wise words indeed.
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In the area I was pulled over there is a lot of street racing and I was just out trying to go home. I usually give respect when I’m pulled over to avoid getting hit with these kind of violations lol but one of the reasons I gave no respect to this officer was because I felt like I was being harassed and profiled for being one of those racers before I got pulled over. I was doing the speed limit which was 40 and stayed right at and under 1500 rpm so I wouldn’t give him a reason to pull me over for my exhaust but he still thought it was really loud which IMO it really isn’t.
Since this officer put no on if the violations are correctable on my ticket when these are all correctable violations in the state of California, I’m thinking he wanted me to pay the full fine for each one of them. Luckily for me I know many people in the law biz that know there stuff and was was fortunate enough to find a officer at a gas station the next day lol and told him about my ticket. He assured me that the CHP would be able to sign these violations correctable and give it to the court clerk to prove that I corrected my violations and would only need to pay $25 for each one.
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