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Steering issue, jumps from center

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Anyone else experiencing this? The steering wheel "sticks" at dead center when on a smooth straight road. When I try to make a micro adjustment due to road crown, wind, etc., the wheel won't move without considerable force, then will suddenly give way and jump off center the direction I'm pushing. Then I have to correct back.

I have turned off all steering assist, lane keeping, etc. and it doesn't change the problem at all. Alignment seems okay -- car is driving dead-straight and the dealer aligned it 3 times at delivery to get it right. I suppose their could be some alignment issue though that could make the wheels jump off center?? If not alignment, then there is something very wrong in the steering system.

Interestingly, if the road is rough and the suspension is active, the problem goes away and tiny adjustments in the steering wheel feel normal.

It feels like the opposite of Straight Drive Assist, which I think should make small adjustments easier on a crowned highway.
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I have a 2018 Hybrid Touring also. I have experienced the same thing. It seems to happen between 65 and 72mph. I took a trip on Sunday and drove at 80mph+ and did not notice this. I drive about 60 highway miles to work everyday and it can seem like work just to keep the car centered in the lane. I am going to have the dealer check it out when I bring it in for the first service. I have just over 6000 miles on the car.
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