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This is in regard to my hopeful plan to eventually get a new car.

Step 1: Buy a House.

This has now completed, finally after months of wasting time and money, finally got a house for my family!

Now my drive is still just as long time wise, its slightly further, but easier roads and no tolls. I literally save $65 a Month just from tolls. House is far less expensive than what we were renting so this leads me to...


Got a simple loan or two to clear out and then start truly saving up for the car I want as the civic I drive is too small and hurts my legs. Before I go crazy, or fall apart, I need to get a car that fits my large self.

Step 3: Buy the best Used 2.0T 10 Speed I can find!

I doubt I will be well off enough to buy anything new, so that's likely out of the question. Sport is likely the one unless I got a great deal with good mileage and in damn good condition on the EX-L or Touring.

Now for the plan after I own the car.

Act 1: Possible purchase of different rims/tires.
Not so sure how I will like those fancy rims that are included. Lots of pot holes and long drives. I want whatever is going to give me the best Gas Mileage and be less likely to break from driving everyday. Good Old tires just like on my civic are good enough for me.

Act 2
: Lighting
I fell in love with the HRS V3 as well as a few other inexpensive and simple upgrades like the led lights on the bottom rear bumpers and maybe the full led headlights, maybe.

Act 3: Performance.
This is something I hope to start doing later on down the road after it has been used for years. Something to make it a little bit more fun as I might be nearing the next car purchase by that time. If all has been well by then, I would keep the accord as the weekend project car, who knows =)

Thank you for joining my TED Talks.

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Moving into the House, almost ready for the major furniture move.

Every second I see the money I am saving dwindle further and further into the red lol.

Soo Apparently Step 2 Is on Delay for a new Fridge

Me and my Brother made some pictures of the new fridge to convince my wife not to buy it, as it was obviously evil.. I will upload at some later time.

After all the back and forth this weekend, I realize that I want this damn car quicker than i can get it ~_~ Tiny old Civic killing my legs. Someday 2.0T 10 Speed, you will be mine.
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