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Strobe lights

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Hello, All! I've recently purchased a 2018 Accord and am wondering if there is an aftermarket part where I can make my stock lights have a Strobe effect. I work road construction and want to safely drive my car through a job site without installing extra lights or having to drill into my light housings. Any recommendations or information on the subject is greatly appreciated!
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Welcome to the forum Red, congrats on the new Accord! What lights are you hoping to replace? Not sure what the regulations are surrounding what colors you're allowed to have on a civilian vehicle.
Thank you, I love it so far! Honestly, I was hoping to not have to replace any lights but to add an effect to some of my existing lights. I wouldn't need colors really since I just need them for construction jobsites. I don't super bright leds which would require headlight/taillight modification or added external lights. But just something that will make my current lights have a strobe effect (if that's even possible).
I don't think you can make the factory headlights strobe on command because those bulbs weren't' designed to do that and you may need to reprogram something to make the lights turn on and off quickly for that strobe effect.
There should be additional strobe lights you can add that aren't too obvious, but nothing to mod the current lights as far as I know.
Thanks for the info! I was hoping there was something but I thought that might be the case. I will start looking at discreet lights with easy attachments. I want them to be temporary basically meaning no holes in anything haha. Again, I'm not sure that is possible, at least not for the back of the car. I can probably attach something to the inside of the grill on the front.
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