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So my 2019 has this issue where if you have the sun visor covering the driver side window and make a left turn, the visor starts going back to center and hits you in the face. My 2020 didn't have this problem. So the cars coming up on 36,000 mi and needed an oil change. So last week I took it to the dealer to fix all the little things I've been waiting for them to do because they are short-handed. One of them was to replace the sun visor mechanism.
So this past Friday I take a left turn, and right as rain the sun visor comes and hits me in the face. So I take the car back to the dealership today. I tell him I am not sure what happened maybe they put the old part back in but it's still doing the same thing. The advisor gets in the car and moves the visor back and forth with his hand is like well it seems fine to me. I said "well I can take you for a drive around the parking lot and show you real quick". He responded that wasn't necessary. A few hours later I get a text telling me that the service manager said he looked at five other accords on the law and they're all doing the same thing. To which I asked"so the service manager took five different brand new accords on a test drive and made a left turn and every single one the visor is hitting him in the face, and that's normal?" He never answer that question but said that they are going to replace the mechanism again anyways.
What I really don't understand is this is a known issue on many different Hondas with a very simple documented fix online. At this point you would just think a Honda dealership would fix it and be done with it instead of arguing with the customer. I think it's hilarious that the service manager tried to tell me that it's normal for a visor to come and hit you in the face when you make a turn lol. It's one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time made my day.
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