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Surprise!!! I own an Accord

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Hi All

Just joined up looking for a good accord community. I picked up my Sport 2.0T 6spd about two months ago. Intentions are to turn my accord into an autocross focused car. So I'm all about suspension and grip over HP mods. This the 1st time ill be doing this in an FWD car. Previous cars included RX8 R3, Evo 10 and an IS300. I look forward to meeting you all. Good Day

Dave :grin:
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Welcome to the forum Dave and congrats on the new Accord! What tweaks do you plan on making to the suspension for the performance that you're looking for? Have you gone with an aftermarket wheel set up already?
Welcome to the forum! If autocross is your thing, then maybe installing a strut bar would be a good idea to stiffen up the Accord's chassis.
Welcome to the forum, grats on the new car. Looking forward to following your build process. Hopefully we get the chance to see your Accord in action.
Thanks, guys. Looking forward to learning and having discussions with you guys. As for mods Im going to be attending my local autox the 1st week of next month. I want to drive it stock and see where I'm going from there.
I don't know if you have heard of the company Orbis, but they sell battery power electric hubs for your wheels. Basically allows you to convert any FWD or RWD car to an AWD system. Don't know if there are any price points yet, but the recently showcased the system on the Civic Type R.
Did you have any success at your local autocross event? Love to hear how the Accord X did in stock form
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