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This review is for a set of Swift Spec-R lowering springs for the tenth generation Honda Accord. I purchased these springs for a few reasons: first, I like the look of lowered Accords. Second, Swift springs are widely regarded as a high quality spring. Third, Swift springs are a JDM product which seems fitting on a Honda.

I received the springs nicely packaged and labeled. Installation was straightforward and took me around 2 hours. I followed the Lemon Factor’s video on YouTube (linked below). I found that I did not need to use a spring compressor to put the new lowering springs on the struts as I was able to push the spring down enough by hand with the top hat on to thread the strut nut on. The rear springs did not require a compressor to remove the stock ones or install the new ones.

Impressions: I’m happy with the ride. It is noticeably stiffer if you’re familiar with your car. It is not so noticeably stiff that a passenger would complain or even realize it’s not factory. The nose of the car has less rise and dive on acceleration/braking and the car remains more level through turns. The drop is exactly what I wanted - a factory “sport” look.

A few technical specs:

Measurements before and after from ground to top of wheel well:

FL 27-1/4”
FR 27-1/4”
RR 27-3/4”
RL 27-3/4”

FL 26-1/8”
FR 26-1/4”
RR 26-1/2”
RL 26-5/8”

I did have approximately 2.9* camber on the driver side rear and 3.2* passenger side rear after lowering, while riding on the stock camber arms. I would recommend replacing with adjustable camber arms.

Overall I’m happy with the springs. They lowered the car right about the advertised 1.2”. The stock struts/shocks are an appropriate level of dampening for the springs. I’d recommend these to be considered alongside H&R, Eibach, or D2.

Install video:

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Packing materials Wood Beige Font Packaging and labeling

Font Wood Brand Art Graphics
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