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I know many tall people complain about how their knee sits next to the center console, right at the point between two trim pieces. I am 6'5" and this affects me as well.

There is OEM leather trim garnish I've ordered that will resolve part of it, but unfortunately many people's knees will sit against the hard plastic upper trim as well.

Here's a $11.10 (at the time of this posting) mod to resolve the issue. It matches pretty well and makes the Accord significantly more comfortable for me. I hope this helps others as well!

Use 3M double sided tape (available at any hardware store) to secure it to the car in the area of your choosing. It is VERY soft and raises my knee enough away from the center console that my knee doesn't bash into the upper trim when resting against it. It really made a HUGE difference for how I feel driving the car.

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