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The New Accord is Great, but its not selling

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There is no arguing that the 2018 Accord was received significant improvements over the outgoing model. And despite all of the awards its been receiving, its month to month sales are significantly down from last years figures. Part of it this can be attributed to the shift away from sedans, but the new Camry is seeing increased sales with its new model. Dealers are complaining that Honda's leasing terms are not competitive enough with other manufacturers. Many dealers are declining further Accord shipments, as their lots are full of unsold models.
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It is a slightly odd situation considering the warm response that the new Accord has been getting. Just goes to show that a nameplate alone doesn't sell a car. I'd have to agree that the new Accord is a bigger sleeper car than its ever been, and I personally don't have a problem with less of them being on the road. Looks like Honda has some tweaks to make to the new Accords pricing structure.
Yeah I have no problem waiting it out either. Definitely foresee some big incentives coming out down the line, when dealerships are trying to get all their current models off the lot. It's a shame though when a manufacturer makes a car as comprehensive as this, and people don't see the value.
I wonder if this price point was always the plan or if its something Honda did as a result of poor sales of the petrol models. Maybe we'll see a price reduction in the gas model as well, because dealers wont want to have more than 1 generation of new models at a time.
Well the Camry is seeing successful sales, so I don't know if we can attribute it solely to electrification. Looks like most analysts seem to think that sales will continue to decline until they hit a stable floor. Problem is that no one knows how low that floor is going to be. I'm sure a spike in gas prices would help Honda move some more models.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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