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I just received my order today for my 2.0. System came in 2 boxes, and I wanted to see what the mufflers looked like. I opened the box and man, the pieces they sent me looked rough. I held up one of the muffler in the air and noticed light was shining though the weld. There was a hole in the weld. There were left over weld residue( balls of welding, I don’t know what to call it) all over. It wasn’t cleaned or polished. The mufflers looked used or returned. They were scratched up pretty bad . In comparison to my dc exhaust, that system was sparking!
I called thermal and they told me to send it back and they will send a new system. I disnt even open up the other box, they told me don’t bother they will take care of it.
I asked how did it pass quality assurance, they said it must of fell through the cracks. I was really disappointed. Imagine I didn’t open it up and took it straight to the shop to install. What are your experiences? And btw it doesn’t come in a polished finished anymore, it comes in brushed finish.

see pics
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Thx for heads up!
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